#ASKELL episode 4

on this episode of #ASKELL 1. How to Build Your BUM… The NATURAL WAY 2. Best Exercise for Back Pain 3. How to Build Your Chest You keeping asking questions and I’ll keep answering them. Have a question about your health and fitness? Look no further! Post your question below and we’ll answer your question in…

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#ASKELL ep two

#ASKELL ep TWO Where You Ask Me Your Health and Fitness Questions, And I Answer Them 00:17 – C-Section and how to exercise your abdominal muscles after 8 minute ab workout (…) 01:50 – How long does it take to regain lost muscle? 03:39 – How to Maintain Muscle Mass and Strength whilst dieting

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#ASKELL | episode One

  #AskEll Episode One You Ask Questions… And I Answer Them 0:19 – How Long to Rest After Being Ill 1:34 – How To Grow Stubborn Calfs 3:30 – Do I Agree With “If It Fits Your Macros…” Get your questions in! Request a question to be answered below

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What Is Osteopathy?

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It’s such a common question; What is Osteopathy? This is a video made by us as the Revitalize Health and Fitness Clinic to answer that question. Osteopaths spend 4 years studying movement and how your movement and lifestyle can influence your pain. What to see how Jack and his shoulder injury responds to Osteopathic Treatment…

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Hip Replacement. Not Bothered | Moira

#ForTheMotivated | Hip Replacement. Not Bothered If there’s one of our clients that shares our philosophy, it’s Moira. And that philosophy is The human body can adapt to almost anything The human body is meant to be used; well Moira wanted to start rehabilitation and training with us to balance her hip musculature after her…

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