How to live with difficult people

Trish, our Revitalize counsellor, knows all too well. Many of her patients were near breaking point before they reached out to her. 

Many healthy relationships have turned sour over lockdown. Spending unprecedented amounts of time with someone you love can bring their faults or your incompatibility into the forefront of your relationship. This is despite these faults previously being in the background of your relationship. 

Don’t worry, your relationship isn’t broken. Space, clear roles, routine etc are all pillars of a healthy relationship that have been eroded over the last year. 

Trish has some advice for you. Check out her video on “How to live with difficult people”

And if you would like to book a free consultation with her, just respond to this or call us on 01474 356 284

Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues such as personality disorders, bi-polar etc can create a lot of noise in our heads. It makes it impossible to think clearly when our minds are chaotic. 

Bring the mental fog, the conflict and the noise to your counselling session at the Revitalize Clinic, Gravesend. 

Your therapist will guide you on a journey through your thoughts which will help your mind become clearer and more manageable. Each of our own therapists have doctorates, diplomas and countless hours of experience and professional development. Your therapist is here to provide you with the guidance that you need. 

Your mind is as unique as you are. Your therapist will guide you to finding a solution to your unique struggles. 

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