Shiel Dadrah (B.Sc) and REPS Lv.3

Personal Trainer, Rehab Specialist & Sports Massage Therapist

  • Sports Health and Fitness, bachelor’s degree, first class honours
  • Qualified in behavioural modification training (motivational interviewing) 
  • Body transformation specialist
  • Injury rehabilitation specialist

Your health is not as simple as exercise + diet = results. We are complex human beings and Shiel understands this in the fullest. Our emotions, routine and habits base need to change to achieve our health and fitness goals. Shiel makes this a seamless experience for his clients. 

Shiel’s a degree level personal trainer with training in psychological techniques to transform your mindset, behaviours and motivation. You’ll be provided with the best training plans, dietary guidance and lifestyle advice to get to where you want to be. 

You may be hesitant to train because of recent injuries, operations or health risks. Shiel is qualified in taking injured or post-operation clients into the gym. Combined with the guidance of our pain team and Shiel’s expertise, you can improve your fitness whilst recovering from / managing your existing health complaints. 

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