Maya Goodrum (Lv. 3 Dip)

gravesend osteopath physiotherapist personal trainer

Personal Trainer

Since qualifying as a group exercise to music instructor in 2013, Maya has further qualified and taught in many different disciplines, including Spin, Kettlebells, HIIT and Hydropower, just to name a few. Maya also has extensive experience working with special populations, the elderly, injured, and over weight.

However, Maya hasn’t always had an interest in health and fitness. Maya grew up with out a single drive to do anything active, a couch potato with a gaming habit. Maya soon found that she didn’t like the way her physical and mental health was headed. As a person who suffers with social anxiety, Home work outs were her saving grace, and to this day, she still credits them to be what got her in to shape. Inspired, Maya decided that she wanted to help other people the way fitness has helped her. Maya acclaims health and fitness to have turned her life around.

Since teaching regularly, Maya has gained herself a reputation, as a tough instructor with a gentle touch. As a PT, she uses her comprehensive knowledge of home based workouts and functional fitness to build programmes that are flexible and transferable to any environment

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