Iulia Barta (BSc) (MNIMH)

Medical Herbalist

From a young age, Iulia has been fascinated with nature and the wisdom of ancient civilizations who relied upon herbs as both food and medicine. Her empathic heart and curious, the medical mind has led her to pursue a career in Western Herbal Medicine and complete a four-year degree.

Being a fully-registered Medical Herbalist, Iulia uses her expert knowledge to treat a variety of conditions and to promote general wellbeing. She combines botanical and nutritional supplements with lifestyle and dietary modifications to help patients achieve their goals. Iulia’s prescriptions may include high quality, organic herbal tinctures (plants extracted in alcohol), herbal teas, powders, syrups or topical applications (oils, creams, pessaries etc). These are blended individually for each patient to match their needs.

“I use whole plant extracts to help my patients maximise their health so that they have more energy and vitality to enjoy their lives fully.”

The various potential root cause(s) of your issues are explored and addressed through one-to-one consultations. Herbal medicine aims to treat the whole person rather than using a “one size fits all” approach.

Iulia invests lots of her time attending seminars and keeping up to date with current research. As part of the consultation, Iulia takes blood pressure and pulse readings and may carry out a full physical examination. She also analyses blood test results and may refer patients for further advanced testing such as comprehensive stool test or allergy testing. The results are interpreted and the treatment plan is adjusted accordingly.

Whether you are suffering from a known or unknown condition or more, or are just looking to improve your digestion, boost your immunity, sleep or feel better, Iulia is able to provide a highly-skilled, caring and professional service.

Contact Iulia today to find out exactly how she can help you with herbal medicine. Iulia is happy to discuss any questions you may have over the phone, before booking your first consultation.

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