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Sports Massage in our Gravesend Clinic

Be seen by a professional Sports Massage Therapist. Your therapist also has degree level qualifications in physiotherapy, osteopathy or sports therapy. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have on underlying injuries

Your Treatment

Your treatment is tailored to your preferences. This means working the right muscles with the best massage at the intensity you prefer

Degree Level Therapists

You will be treated by physiotherapists, osteopaths and sports therapists with bachelors and masters degrees who know your body inside out

So you can be the Best You

Treatment is completely tailored to your goals. So you can leave with less tension, more relaxed and feeling great

Feel new again. Lay back and fall into deep relaxation as your tight muscles and knots are worked into until supple. Scented oils and harmonic music will guide you into a meditative state as our expert clinicians work to leave you feeling brand new. 

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Expert Therapists at Revitalize

In  our Gravesend, Sports Massage Clinic, your tight muscles will be worked on until supple by expert clinicians. The truth is that many sports massage therapists qualify after only a few weekends of training.


Not at Revitalize. 

You will only be treated by qualified physiotherapists, sports therapists and osteopaths who have at least 3 years of intensive university training and years of clinical experience. Our therapists won’t only provide you with the highest standard of sports massage. They will also be able to detect underlying injuries and advise your recovery.

Often your muscles are tight for a reason. Underlying injury? Over working? Standing a lot? Maybe even sitting a lot? Our therapists have the solution.

You’re in safe hands. 

And so you should be. This is your time to treat yourself. Relax and take a deep exhale. After 30 or 60 minutes, you will feel new again. We have a selection of male and female practitioners whose sole purpose is to have you leaving the clinic feeling the best you possibly can.

And if you want to ask any questions, we’re here to answer. After bachelors and masters degrees and countless years of training, if you feel your tightness or soreness may be an injury, you’re in the right place to ask. Every one of our therapists is a qualified physiotherapist, osteopath or sports therapist. 

What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is tailored to your anatomy. Every clinician has at least a bachelors or masters degree and has very specific knowledge of your body and how it works. This allows them to work with the utmost precision to ease your muscular tension.

This is different to other forms of massage which focus on general, untailored relaxation.

Wishy washy massage which feels more like a tickle? Not at the award winning Revitalize Clinic.

Looking for deep tissue massage or something a bit more relaxing but equally effective? Not a problem. Our therapists will be asking you throughout the treatment. Your sports massage will be completely tailored to your preference.

gravesend osteopath physiotherapist
gravesend osteopath physiotherapist

What are the benefits of Sports Massage?

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a stressed office worker or a busy mother; Revitalize Sports Massage is right for you. 

Sports massage will

relax your muscles and ease muscle tension

fight fatigue

prevent or relieve delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

relieve any swelling you have around your joints

improve your flexibility, body strength and range of motion

increase your circulation and lymph flow

make it easier for you to recover more quickly after you’ve done strenuous exercise

aid the nervous system and improve general wellbeing

make it less likely you’ll get more injuries by getting rid of the tension in the muscles

All available at the Revitalize Clinic, Gravesend. Book in by calling 01474 356 284 or click the “book appointment” button to book in online.

Our Practitioners

Joss Barratt (M.Ost)

Masters in Osteopathy

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