Ashraf Ali (DC)

Ashraf is a masters Chiropractor graduating from AECC and a sports massage therapist. He has always been intrigued by sports and fitness, especially how they can benefit different individuals no matter what level they wish to participate.

He has experience competing in rugby for club and educational institute, school through to university. He also has a background in powerlifting, competing at an international level.

Exercise has been a massive interest of his from a young age and he looks to share the benefits of it. In his teens he heard something to the effect of “movement can be medicine with the right dose” – which resonated with Ashraf as it aptly explained the value of exercise but in the correct form and dosage, just like any medication that you may prescribed.

This powered his drive to understand the body on a deeper level and how one could prepare the body to function optimally no matter the demands on the induvial. 

Ashraf is keen to learn how from different angles a certain problem may be tackled to find the most effective treatment. Using therapeutic techniques and exercise knowledge getting people to where they need to be physically, whether it is someone looking to improve gym performance or someone that just wants to carry their shopping with ease.

Ashraf is registered with Vitality and WPA as a recognised practitioner