How to tighten that waist!

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Many of our clients lose 6 inches from their waist within weeks of starting personal training with us. We would be naive to think that all of this is body fat. Loosing body fat is a much slower process, however tightening muscles is fast!

If you haven’t exercised on a regular basis for a little while, your muscles are sleeping just waiting to be activated! Tightening them up can shrink your waist within weeks.

May has provided you with her top 2 exercises for doing just that. Let us know what you think

Revitalize personal trainers have been transforming the health of thousands of clients for over 7 years. It takes education, motivation, accountability and FUN!

Delicious food, exciting and rewarding training sessions and most of all, a friend. Your personal trainer will become a friend you can call on whenever you need to tell you those uncomfortable truths and get you heading in the right direction. 

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