What anxiety is and what you can do about it

Anxiety; the fight flight response that often isn’t needed.

However we should remember that a lot of the time, it is needed. Anxiety can help us to exercise appropriate caution when stepping outside of our comfort zone. Like a torch in the darkness, it can heighten our senses to which dangers otherwise may remain unknown… until it’s too late. 

However if anxiety is too strong, it may never allow us to leave our comfort zones. And before you know it, your comfort zone is getting smaller and smaller. You stop doing the things you used to enjoy, going to the places you used to feel safe. Life’s joy seems to disappear into the other side of your comfort zone. 

In times like this, we need a guide. Someone who can guide you to take the correct steps to incorporate more and more of what is outside of your comfort zone, back into your comfort zone.

This is where Trish comes in. Check out her video on anxiety. Then contact us to book a free, no obligation chat with Trish to take steps towards better mental health.

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