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Women's Health Clinic in Gravesend | serving Northwest Kent and South East London

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Womens health clinic gravesend

Expert treatment

Expert treatment from expert clinicians. Including our women’s health specialist physiotherapist, sports therapist and medical herbalist

Womens health clinic gravesend

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Women’s Health Clinic, serving Northwest Kent and South East London

Take back your confidence and joy, starting today

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Your health matters. Not just one component of your health; your entire health matters. And as you may have experienced, your poor health can affect your entire being. Something as easy to fix as stress incontinence can leave us embarrassed, reclusive and even at times ashamed. 

The Women’s Health Clinic at Revitalize was developed due to growing demand for our services. It may provide you with some comfort to know that you are not alone. Women’s Health Clinics are a growing need. However, although common, this does not make a woman’s poor health “normal”.

The Revitalize Clinic has specialist practitioners in Women’s Health. Our team of Women’s Health Specialists include senior physiotherapists, sports therapists and medical herbalists. They have the solution to your problems. All based at our Gravesend clinic which serves those travelling from north west kent and south east london. Our services also available online. 

Conditions treated in our Womens Health Clinic

Womens health clinic gravesend

Bladder and digestive complaints

Stress urinary incontinence and overactive bladder issues. Eliminate constipation and bladder pain with physiotherapist Charmaine Mensah

Womens health clinic gravesend

Vaginal dysfunction

Vaginal tears, prolapses and painful sex. Treated by physiotherapist, Charmaine

Womens health gravesend herbal medicine

Pregnancy related injuries and soreness

Pregnancy is tough. Pain makes it tougher. Ellie and Charmaine can treat your pregnancy related injuries

Womens health gravesend herbal medicine

Returning to exercise

Ellie and Charmaine will provide you with a treatment plan to return to sport

Hormonal imbalances

Get to work with your medical herbalist, Iulia. Helping you to fall pregnant, balance your menopause and treat recurrent UTIs

Your solution is easier to find when we know what may have led to your presenting complaint. A 7 minute doctor’s appointment often leaves us feeling overlooked and unimportant. Your health is of upmost importance. At the Revitalize Clinic, your Women’s Health Specialist will take time to understand your presentation and most importantly, your goals. 

Where do you want to be in the near future? More confident, in less pain, with more control? 

We work towards your goals with a step by step plan to get there.

Our shortest appointments are 30mins. Our longest appointments are 90mins. You can be sure that we will get to the bottom of your health complaints.

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How we work

After diagnosing the reason for your visit, your practitioner will write a plan of action. This may include providing you with hands on treatment, supplements and lifestyle advice. Yes, what we do in the clinic is incredibly important, but we will also provide you with a plan to cover everything from sleep deprivation, nutritional deficiencies and exercise advice. Generally good health is the right foundation for fantastic women’s health. 

Ellie is our longest serving clinician with a specialist dedication to helping pregnant women. With Ellie’s tailored approach to pregnancy massage, your pregnancy related pains can be eased, preparing you for motherhood. 

Labour is an intensively physical event, but Ellie can provide you with guidance and exercises to ease birth and restore your body to its pre-pregnancy state after labour.

Book in for a pregnancy massage with Ellie by hitting the below link. Ellie will also happily discuss any pregnancy related concerns that you may have.

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Pregnancy massage Easing the aches and pain of pregnancy

Exercise pre and post Natal  Preparing you for pregnancy and then preparing you for motherhood

Core rehab Returning the strength you have lost back to your core

Ellie Bearman (B.Sc)

Sports therapist and pregnancy specialist
ellie bearman gravesend osteopath physiotherapist personal trainer

Charmaine Mensah (B.Sc)

Pelvic health, womens health specialist

Charmaine specialises in pelvic pain and pelvic related complaints. Many of Charmaine’s female clients who may come in with everyday injuries such as lower back pain, stay on as patients in our Women’s Health Clinic. This is because poor pelvic health can have a lasting influence on the functioning of the body and the mind as a whole. 

Charmaine is fantastic at putting her patient’s minds at ease and creating an easy to follow, specialist step by step plan to help you to achieve your goals.

Book in with Charmaine in our Women’s Health Clinic to discover how she can help you. And if you have any questions, simply fill in our online form and she will answer any questions you may have

Pain in Pregnancy (SPD/PGP) – enjoy a pain free pregnancy

Stress urinary incontinence– Learn to strengthen and control your bladder, the right way.

Overactive bladder- Gain control again

Tears- Just like a torn muscle, tears can heal with the right guidance

Diastasis Recti (gap in the abdominal muscles) Let’s tighten those abs back up again

Constipation Common but not normal and easily fixable with the right advice

Painful sex Book an appointment to make sex enjoyable again. No more dryness or pain. 

Bladder Pain Let’s get back to passing pain free

Prolapses With the right treatment, your prolapse can improve. No more heaviness or dragging. 

Returning to sport Your pelvic issues shouldn’t dictate your life. Let’s get you back to sport

After graduating with a First Class Honour degree from the University of Westminster, Iulia got straight to work helping her patients eradicate complex health issues. Iulia soon found a passion for helping women optimise their health from the inside out. 

Working from an initial 90min consultation, Iulia can quickly identify lifestyle issues which may be contributing to your presentation. The solution to your problem may become even clearer after Iulia refers you for a private but affordable hormone and blood test. No stones are left unturned.

By optimising your diet, fulfilling your nutritional needs and supplementing with carefully selected herbs, Iulia can provide a solution to your complaint. 

By focusing on you as a whole person. No drugs or invasive procedures, but by utilising your body’s natural ability to heal.

Iulia successfully uses her approach to treat conditions such as:

  • Hormonal imbalances – menstrual cycle imbalance, PCOS, oestrogen dominance issues, hormonal acne, PMS, mood swings
  • Difficulty conceiving, prenatal & postnatal support
  • recurrent urinary infections, recurrent thrush
  • menopausal transition, osteoarthritis, vaginal dryness

Iulia Barta (B.Sc with first class honours)

Medical herbalist, women’s health specialist helping you to fall pregnant
iulia-barta gravesend osteopath herbalist physiotherapist personal trainer

6000 Clients Helped

96% Satisfied to Highly Satisfied

5 Stars on Facebook and Google

Over 175 reviews

Award winning clinic

And multiple times finalist for best care

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Nico Cozma

Iulia is a well rounded herbalist, taking care of all aspects of your health: physical, and emotional. Her treatment plans are bespoke and she ensures the supplements and the bespoke organic tea recommended are of very high quality, tried and tested. After first month of treatment the chronic thrush was gone; needless to say that previous treatments prescribed by the Gp only worked for a few days previously. Iulia helps you think about all aspects of your life and how each and every one of these may impact on how you feel and your symptoms. Taking care of your diet and following the treatment plan is something Iulia helps with in a very natural and caring way. I would definitely recommend Iulia!

After first month of treatment the chronic thrush was gone

“…my period is regular, pain free, I’m happier and that my Gynae couldn’t believe the size of my ovaries was normal and healthy”

hormonal imbalance, irregular periods, cystic ovaries, cystic breasts, digestive problems and other well known symptoms such as bloating, edema, bad circulation, joint pain, unexpected gain weight, tiredness and mood swings” … “A lot of things improved fast but as for today, 2 years later, I can say out loud that: my period is regular, pain free, I’m happier and that my Gynae couldn’t believe the size of my ovaries was normal and healthy, functional and that 6 out of 7 breast cysts have disappeared. ”

Laia GC

Kat Pappas

Endometriosis: “The consultation with Medical Herbalist Iulia was very thorough; she is incredibly knowledgeable and the report after was mind blowing –it included so much information from supplements to dietary suggestions. Quite quickly I begun to improve with the herbal tincture and supplements and after couple updates to the tinctures (as I was changing and I’m also very sensitive to some stuff) now not only am I not having any bed days but I feel better and stronger than I have done in years.”

Endometriosis… not only am I not having any bed days but I feel better and stronger than I have done in years”

“…I started to enjoy pregnancy after seeing Ellie”

SPD: My pregnancy quickly went from normal to very painful, very quickly. Shortly after my second trimester, my lower back and hips were so painful, I thought I was going to end up in a wheelchair.

I can honestly say that for the first time, I started to enjoy pregnancy after seeing Ellie. Her advice and treatment enabled me to sit, walk and then exercise again pain free. My labour was so tough, I don’t know how I would have managed it without her advice and preparation. Thank you!



Urinary incontinence: “I can go for a run without leaking! Before seeing Charmaine, even the fear of leaking was enough to keep me severely dehydrated. I retreated from any lengthy social interaction. I hated it. The shame was awful. But now, I can run, dance, drink as much water as I like! I felt that I got my confidence back. I’m not worried that I’m going to wet myself every time I cough or sneeze…”

“I’ve got my confidence back!…”

“…migraines are a lot less frequent and less intense”

Premenstrual migraines, breastfeeding: ““I’ve always suffered with bad migraines especially premenstrually and they only got worse when I had my second child. I contacted Iulia who inspired me with confidence from the beginning. Since I was breastfeeding I didn’t know what herbs and supplements were safe but Iulia was able to prescribe a special mix of herbal tinctures and nutritional supplements suited for my needs and safe for the baby. The diet advice she gave me was very useful too. With her help I was able to gradually cut down on the many painkillers that I was having to take. Now my migraines are a lot less frequent and less intense. I also used to suffer from bad heartburn (side effect of the painkillers) and I can say that my heartburn has completely gone after finishing the herbal treatment (I took the herbs for a couple of months last year). My energy levels have also improved significantly. My life has changed for the better and I’m very thankful to Iulia!”


Iulia Barta (B.Sc) first class hons

Medical herbalist
ellie bearman gravesend osteopath physiotherapist personal trainer

Ellie Bearman (B.Sc)

Sports Therapist

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