Personal training is back!!

Personal training is back! From the 12th of April we are training clients 1-2-1 at the clinic in the cleanest, safest, most focused environment you have trained in. Starting with a 20% discount for the month of April 12th – May 12th

In 3 months from now, you’ll be slipping into that dress, buttoning up that crisp suit. Booking that post lockdown getaway! Your friends jaws will drop after not seeing you for a short while. You know you’ll look great. 

We see that version of you. But do you?

It’s hard when you don’t. And we get that. As if the normal struggles of focus, motivation and snacking aren’t enough. Lockdown has completely ruined our habits, health, routine and motivation.

We know because our trainers have been there too. I’ve just lost a stone of lockdown weight. May has lost 3.5 stone of lockdown weight. But it’s not about the weight; it’s about health.

Health of mind, body and spirit. You know as well as I do; you can’t binge Netflix and eat your feelings forever. But the issue is that when you are so used to a certain lifestyle, it doesn’t matter how bad it is, sometimes you need help to turn things around again.

Revitalize personal trainers know this from experience.

Revitalize personal trainers have been transforming the health of thousands of clients for over 7 years. It takes education, motivation, accountability and FUN!

Delicious food, exciting and rewarding training sessions and most of all, a friend. Your personal trainer will become a friend you can call on whenever you need to tell you those uncomfortable truths and get you heading in the right direction. 

Go to to check out our amazing client transformations or message us to book your free consultation

Be quick! Spaces are running out

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