Hip Replacement. Not Bothered | Moira

#ForTheMotivated | Hip Replacement. Not Bothered If there’s one of our clients that shares our philosophy, it’s Moira. And that philosophy is The human body can adapt to almost anything The human body is meant to be used; well Moira wanted to start rehabilitation and training with us to balance her hip musculature after her…

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What Hamstring Tear? | Harry Kingdon

#ForTheMotivated | Harry Kingdon What torn quad? Harry is squatting and deadlifting more than his body weight and sprinting against band tension for 30 seconds straight… But this wasn’t always the case. As a key and talented player at Dartford FC, Harry was feeling the pressure. His hamstring was torn and he’d injured his back…

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#ForTheMotivated | Harman’s Fitness Gains

  “I don’t have time to dedicate to my health and fitness” is something you won’t hear Harman say. In the last 5 years Harman has built a fantastic business for himself… and two of those he’s dedicated a significant amount of time to his fitness. Now, when working a 50+hour week and driving up…

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Jane | Torn Quad to Epic Lift

Jane had torn her quad. She limped into the clinic which was then run from my mum’s living room 3 years ago. Heavily bruised, her quadricep (thigh) needed a specialised rehab plan. We focused on muscular balancing as well as pain relief and power; and then Jane took it that step further Jane’s been training…

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#ForTheMotivated | 15 Year Old Cameron

#ForTheMotivated | 15 Year Old Cameron It takes a lot of maturity and focus for a 15 year old to take up action to positively improve their health and fitness. Not only does Cameron find time to train, he’s a full time student with focused extra curricular activities. He’s well on his way to becoming a…

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