Katie Avery (M.Ost) (Lv. 3 Dip) | Osteopath

Osteopath (Masters degree) and Sports Massage Therapy


Masters in Osteopathy
L3 Sports Massage
Kinesiology taping
Dry needling
L3 Personal Training

Areas of clinical interest: 

  • Paediatrics (<12 Months)
  • Expectant mothers
  • Foot & ankle injuries

Katie spent 6 years completing her training to become an Osteopath at the European school of Osteopathy. Throughout her time training, she worked as a sports massage therapist to gain hands on experience. Katie has a background in crossfit and olympic weightlifting. She now enjoys doing aerial hoop, pilates and regular gym sessions.

During Katie’s time at university, she suffered a life-changing injury- she went on to have half a dozen reconstructive surgeries on her ankle. She continued with her studies and graduated with her masters- something she now feels incredibly proud to have achieved given her circumstances. From this, Katie can empathise with patients and greatly understand their suffering- especially the effects this can have on patients day to day life. She works closely with her patients to understand their goals and to aid them in achieving those.

At the European school of Osteopathy, Katie has been taught structural, cranial and visceral approaches to treatment. She uses her unique skill set to provide the patient with whichever approach suits them best based upon the patients preference.

Katie found a passion for working with babies and children at university. She completed a year of weekly clinical placements working in paedatrics. The most common paedatric presentations she see’s in clinic include:

– Tongue tie

– Reflux

– Cleft Lip

– Feeding issues

– Sleeping issues

– Effects of a difficult birth

– Abnormal head shape

– Colic/unsettled baby

Whilst her passion lays within paedatrics Katie has experience treating all age groups with varying presentations. The most common being:

– Back pain

– Shoulder & neck injuries

– Foot & ankle injuries

– Hip pain

– Knee injuries

Katie is registered with Vitality and WPA as a recognised practitioner

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