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Your Transformation is One Personal Trainer Away

Award winning Revitalize Clinic, coaches clients to lose weight with maximum ease and guaranteed fun. All in the Revitalize Clinic, Gravesend private Personal Training studio. Or online

Private Gym

Just you and your Trainer

Expert Trainers

Video guided home exercises specific to your goals and capacity.

Life Coaching and Nutritional Coaching is included

You get a team. Life Coaching and Nutritional Coaching is included in pre-booked packages.

Track Your Progress

Apps to track show your transformation with live data

Find your health and fitness with us

✅ Train with confidence in our Private Gym; just you and your personal trainer
✅ Discipline comes easy when our personal trainers keep you on track
✅ Eat delicious and nutritious food; our team shows you how
✅ Specialist nutritional support; nutritional consultations included in your package
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We see you! Slipping into that dress. Buttoning up that crisp suit. Your friends jaws dropping after not seeing you for a short while. Booking that holiday! The thrill of buying new swimwear. You know you’ll look great. 

We see that version of you. But do you?
It’s hard when you don’t. And we get that. The struggling cycle of embarrassment and fear of judgement. The disbelief and self-doubt. We know because our trainers have been there. Losing 8 stone in body fat, recovering from multiple disc herniations and mental hurt provides its lessons. Our personal trainers know this from experience.

Predictable Progress

Weekly / Monthly weigh ins and body fat analysis

Constant support

With support between sessions, you won’t slip up

Transform Inside and Out

Your body and your mind will transform for the better with our personal trainers. Not only are they the best exercise professionals we could find, but they’re also trained to inspire behavioural changes and to increase client motivation.

In our private studio you will find no distractions. Just you and your personal trainer.

It’s easy when you know how…

So train with someone who knows how. Throw aside the anxiety of not knowing what you should be eating and how you should be exercising. A generic plan or website provides a generic solution. And that solution is often a complete upheaval of your lifestyle. It’s not a long term plan. 
Revitalize Personal Trainers know that the right approach is to tweak what you’re currently doing. Minimal change for maximum results because no-one sticks to what they hate. Delicious food bursting with flavour and nutrition, guided by our Personal Trainers and professional Chefs. Exercise that is so fun it inspires you to do more. Weekly to monthly weigh ins, high fives and celebrations as you drop another 2kg of body fat. 
Is that some abdominal definition you see? You were too busy having fun to realise. That’s how your transformation will be. All in our Private Studio. Just you and your trainer. 
Want to hit something? No problem. Chuck something heavy around. Fine! Whatever you enjoy, let’s keep to that in our private gym. Your Revitalize Personal Trainer will be sure you get your transformation with more fun than you thought possible.
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gravesend personal trainer

Stronger body means less injuries

He herniated a disc in his lower back…. now look.
Revitalize Personal Trainer, Jas, herniated a disc in his lower back. He used exercise to strengthen his spine and his body. He now shows his clients how to do the same

Nutritional consultations, Life Coaching and Sports Massage are included

🍽️ 1-2-1 Nutrition Consultations (30 – 45mins)

🧠 Life Coaching (30mins)

💆‍♀️ Sports Massage (30 mins)

…are also included in your package
Your health and fitness deserves a team. Eat better food, make better decisions and recover faster with the above services.

You will get the most out of your training

Have you ever noticed that it helps to give a task a time limit or date to be completed? Personal training works the same way. Now your progress has an appointment. Your calories are counted. Recipes are provided. Targets are set. Fat is shred and fitness skyrockets.

Every week to month, your Revitalize Personal Trainer will be asking 3 questions. Could your diet improve? Could your training be refined? Are you enjoying yourself? This means delicious easy to prepare food, exhilarating training and having fun every step of the way.

Everything is measure and tracked

Training is hard but the weight isn’t dropping? That’s why we take your body fat percentage. Not with those inaccurate scales either. We calculate your body fat percentage with medical grade skin callipers and complex mathematical equations to provide you with the most accurate reading of your body fat percentage that you can possibly get without spending £300 on an MRI.

When you exercise, your clothes are fitting better than they ever have, but your weight stays the same, this is called a “body recomposition”. Think of it as exchanging fat for muscle. But often clients can become extremely demoralised because they’re fixated on the scales. Don’t. This is why we measure your body fat percentage. Often clients weight stays the same but they have dropped over a stone of fat and gained over a stone of muscle.
And they look amazing for it. No-one is getting bulky on our watch… unless they want to 🙂 
Life is meant to be lived and lived well. A healthy lifestyle makes an amazing life possible. 
Hiring a personal fitness trainer might seem like a luxury if you are on a tight budget, but if you really want to get the most out of your workouts, a trainer is a great investment. The improvement in your health and fitness levels can have long-term payment in quality of life, and even decreased health care costs.
may kovacova gravesend personal trainer

Life coaching is included in your package

Have you ever noticed that you know what you should do but a lot of the time don’t do it? Your mind is the engine for your transformation. What the mind believes the body achieves
But sometimes you need a little extra help. Trish Flood, our counsellor and Life Coach, can offer you a free initial assessment to decide if life coaching is the motivation you need to make consistent and effective change to your life.
You can use your personal training credits to see our Life Coach. Ask your Personal Trainer to find out more

How long does it take?

Your personal trainer will provide you with an easy to follow plan, packed with mouth watering recipes and training plans that you will love. Your weight loss will be predictable and controlled, aiming for around 1lbs a week or more.
In certain circumstances, for example the impending date of a wedding or holiday, we can increase the speed that you lose weight. However, your health must be prioritised and this will be down the discretion of your personal trainer.
All you need to do is bring your goals and we will provide everything you need to achieve them. 
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plans that work around you

Training that costs as low as £32 per hour, with 30min and 60min plans available. Use our gym after you finish your 1-2-1 session in our Private Gym

Booster Packages

1 month of intensive PT for under £200. Smash the basics in 30 days and then ongoing coaching for £50 a month. Track progress, refine diet plans, take measurements and boost your results.

Nutritional Coaching

Just need help with your diet? Book a free consultation with transformation specialist May Kovacova. You can drop fat in delicious diets and fun training just how May did. Get advice from professional chef and personal trainer, May Kovacova

We believe in the most effective personal training that isn’t just science-based, but that puts a smile on your face with every session.

Fit into that dress again. Feel better than you ever have before. We are all capable of achieving our health and fitness goals; it just takes Revitalize Personal Training, Gravesend to show you how.

Get Great Results with our Training and Nutritional Plans

Full online support in between training sessions to maximise your success

Our clients have achieved fantastic progress and it has been a complete joy to work with them on their journey. Our expert Personal Trainers and Nutritionist will compile and deliver the perfect plan for you to achieve your goals.

Train at our on site, fully equipped gym for no extra cost

See predictable and consistent results

Tone up, lose weight and develop those muscles

Summoning up the motivation to achieve your goals can be the hardest thing in the world. A lack of time, energy and knowledge can stop people making that first step. We know because 90% of our clients used to say so. Let us take care of that. We’ll motivate you to get your eating on track, increase your energy in the gym and get addicted to your progress.

Contact us to book your free consultation

(Disclaimer: results vary from person to person. We will honestly assess your condition and advise you as to the healthiest rate of progression for you)

Your Transformation is One Personal Trainer Away

Weight loss, tone up and get fit in our private personal training studio in Gravesend town centre

Kate's mental and physical transformation

Kate has made amazing transformations to her health which has provided brilliant benefits to her professional performance as well. Since her accident, Kate is working on her strength and mobility. Kate enjoys taking advantage of the team around her, often mixing personal training with osteopathic treatment. 

Beating Covid

Gurmeet is beating long Covid with personal trainer, Shiel. Anxieties of breathlessness are a thing of the past. Gurmeet’s energy levels are steadily increasing and it’s been a pleasure to have her at the clinic. 

Michael lost 8.5 Stone

Michael lost over 35kg of body fat (over 5 stone) gained a load of strength cut his waistline by 25cm. The greatest achievement however which is so clear in this recent pod cast is that Michael is happier and we cannot hope for a better outcome than that

Claire also lost 8.5 Stone

Claire Taylor has lost 8.5 stone (around 9.5 stone of fat and probably gained 1 stone of muscle). But what is more interesting is psychological transformation that had to take place for her to do so.

Tom lost over 2 stone and is still going

Over 2 stone weight loss and a complete psychological overhaul (and still continuing to make stupendous changes to mindset).

A lot of the time, when you’re working on yourself, you change yourself to the extent that you can’t empathise with the person you used to be. This is where I come in.

A year or so ago, Tom was expressing to me his frustration at giving into temptation. He was frustrated because he wasn’t hungry but he had picked up a sandwich and a packet of crisps when he felt he shouldn’t have. Recently we had the same conversation and he was expressing frustration because after feeling peckish, he had made himself an egg salad…. a salad 😄

Vanita is getting strong and loving it

Shoulder pain eradicated, confidence at a high, Strength through the roof.

Our clients come to use with many goals. Whatever they are, it is our pleasure to help you to achieve them. Vanita is continuing to improve her strength and fitness with Maya

Jane knows it's not all about Weight Loss

Enjoyment is key. We keep to certain exercises to continually progress in the direction Jane would like to, but we mix up her training sessions for enjoyment too. Boxing, explosive training, sprint work etc are all things that Jane enjoys.

Jane is constantly taking new challenges with friends and family to boost the enjoyment factor as well as conformity to her healthy lifestyle You see! It’s a psychological game. Win your mind and you win the game and we would love to help you to get there. We have a whole team ready to help.

Heather looks amazing

gravesend personal trainer
gravesend personal trainer

Michael is leaner, stronger, healthier and happier

Claire is gleaming with pride

gravesend personal trainer
gravesend personal trainer

Check out Scott!

Anonymous Transformations

gravesend personal trainer
gravesend personal trainer
gravesend personal trainer
gravesend personal trainer
gravesend personal trainer
gravesend personal trainer

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