Warm Up, Don’t Stretch

Many people know that they should warm up before exercise. But why and how is the question that will be addressed in today’s blog post. Many people will resort to stretches prior to exercise but this in fact does nothing to reduce chance of injury and may actually increase the chance of injury for reasons that…

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Carb Cycling and Hip Rehab

Well what a mixture of topics! But there’s a reason. We actually put to a vote on the Revitalize Facebook Page, what topics would you like us to cover in our next blog and these two came out on top. So here it goes, an easily digestible chunk sized blog on Carb Cycling and Sacroiliac…

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What every manual therapist, bodybuilder and powerlifter is getting wrong

“Every man is superior in some way. That I learn of him” Ralph Emerson Many manual therapists, bodybuilders and powerlifters will do well to take the above quote into consideration when questioning logic that contrasts to their own. Don’t get me wrong, there are many statements made by lesser qualified or poorer read individuals (belonging to the…

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Pain Killers and Anti-Inflammatory Rubs

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Life is fast and we’re generally time-poor, so the appeal of pain medication and anti-inflammatirues is a great quic fix to reduce pain , but is the effect temporary and hiding an underlying and more serious cause? Let us first clear a few things up inflammation heals tissue. BUT anti-inflammatories regulate inflammation, they don’t eradicate it pain CAN…

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There is a terribly unnecessary void between the so called big and the small. The “genetically gifted” and ungifted which perpetuates into stereotyping and judgemental beliefs. We have “big” people classing those who are “fitness fanatics” as judgemental and annoying. We have “fitness fanatics” judging bigger people as lazy and as having low standards STOP! Health comes in…

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Health and Fitness for Business

A couple of days ago I delivered a talk to a considerable sized group of businessman and businesswoman… it was scary stuff. But how to go about it was more problematic. Only 2-3 had injuries and 1 or 2 would go see a personal trainer… but they all owned businesses. So behold, my seminar on…

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