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It’s time to talk. Are you going through potentially one of the most challenging times of your life? And on top of that, do you feel that a lot of the time no-one can tell or even begin to understand what you’re going through?

When you’re in it, the darkness within your own mind can make it impossible to see anything clearly. Even a way out. 

The fear that you may be harming yourself or someone you love can be overbearing. Mental illness is a huge burden to endure. Before you realise, months or years have passed and you’ve been carrying this weight of emotion for longer than you realised. At this point, you might question…

Who and where do you want to be?

Happy and loved? How about successful and joyful? Or maybe to feel safe for the first time in a while? Let’s get to work then. Let’s get you there. 

You are not alone

According to, 1 in 6 of us experienced mental illness last week. Yes, last week. Many of the staff at Revitalize have had extensive counselling. And it’s worth every penny.

Revitalize Clinic founder, Elliott Reid says “paying for counselling is the best money I have ever spent, bar-none…. In 3 months I have made more progress with counselling than the last 5 years without it…”

So once again, who and where do you want to be? Book a free phone call with one of our Revitalize Counsellors to today.

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So, shall we see what’s on the other side of hope?

Book your free phone call with a Revitalize Clinic counsellor or psychologist and find out today who and where you want to be and how to get there.

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Trish Flood

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Dr Natalie St Just

Clinical Psychologist, Counsellor and Life Coach

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