The power of the big picture

When I first set up Revitalize, I remember a few people mentioned that we might be seen as generalists. ie “why would someone go to a one stop shop when they could go to a specialist?”

Now I see how mistaken they were in the vision I had for Revitalize.

Revitalize has never been a one stop shop in a generalist sense. Revitalize provides many specialists under one roof, blending together to form one holistic body of expertise to get you mentally well, physically fit, pain free and more. 

Why? Because our bodies and minds don’t fit into clear cut compartments. Where does mental illness end and mental health begin? Or joint pain and joint optimisation? Pain and pleasure? Health and disease?

The establishment that takes care of your health should reflect the nature of your health. And the nature of your health is that it’s a spectrum of constant changes and different systems with much overlap between them.

This is why your mental pain and physical pain can be taken care of under the same roof with professionals who can communicate (with your permission) to find the best solution for you. And why your joint pain can be turned into a well functioning part of your body that enables you to gain the most joy from life.

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