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Pain Free

Expert treatment including massage, joint manipulation, acupuncture and special techniques. Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy available


Video guided home exercises specific to your goals and capacity.

Greater Mobility

Experience much greater mobility without pain.

Award winning team of Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists at the Revitalize Clinic, get patients pain free in record time using proven methods of pain science

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You will be Pain Free Faster with us

In your first appointment, a thorough diagnosis will tell you the cause of your pain. You’ll know step by step how we plan to get you pain free. Using treatment, self treatment and lifestyle advice that puts you in control.

We Have your Back

Imagine having professional help at the click of a button, wherever you go. Flare ups can happen between appointments. Your practitioner will be at the end of a phone, email or text throughout the process. It’s horrible having to wait for advice. We understand the panic. That’s why we’re available at all times

Video Guided Plans

You’re in control of your pain and your progression between every appointment. Your video guided mobilisation and strengthening plan will make sure that not only will your pain reduce during the appointment, but at home as well.

Message from Elliott Reid (M.OST) - Clinic Founder

Our Gravesend Clinic Osteopaths, Physiotherapist and Sports therapists have helped thousands of patients become pain free. 

And if you’re from outside of the area, we provide the same results online with a 100% money back guarantee

When your pain reduces, it’s time to strengthen! You don’t want that injury coming back.


You may be wondering if you’ve seriously injured yourself; if it will ever go back to normal; can it go back to normal. We assure you that we will get you pain free, as soon as possible.


You deserve the best care from an award winning Clinic, rated 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on Facebook and Google with over 6000 happy customers.


And if we can’t we will refer you for further investigations. We have an amazing relationship with our patients GPs; your own GP may have even heard of us!

10419 Clients Helped

96% Satisfied to Highly Satisfied

5 Stars on Facebook and Google

Over 175 reviews

Award winning clinic

And multiple times finalist for best care

Go through insurance

We work with insurance providers such as AXA, WPA, simply health, cigna and more

How we get you better, quicker

Less suffering for a shorter time is always good. The national average for visits to a pain specialist is 5-7 appointments per complaint. Our average is 3. Your practitioner will provide you with the most effective treatment (or self treatment if online) to ease your pain and calm the area. The shock of the patient jumping up in joy after their first appointment accusing us of wizardry, never gets old.

Cherrylen is pain free for the firs time in over 20 years

Cherrylen said to me “I don’t believe you can get me pain free. I’m going to do everything you say just to spite you”

Well, there’s nothing like a challenge to get me motivated! After one treatment Cherrylen was pain free and after two further, she was strong and functional for her environment and her lifestyle. She had everything she needed to live a pain free and functional lifestyle.

If seeing us at the clinic, you will enjoy a combination of massage, joint manipulation and even acupuncture if necessary. And if online, you’ll be guided 1-2-1 with self mobilisation exercises and self massage. Specific movements that are tailored to you, to ease the pain and gain control.


Because a 30 min appointment once a week isn’t enough!


You become your own therapist. With an inventory of video guided movements, exercises and stretches your pain will continue to drop between appointments. We’ll email your personalised plan over to you and update them if needed after every appointment.


Pain free is great! But pain free, strong, mobile and confident is miles better. That’s why 96% of our 6000 customers have said that they’re very satisfied to satisfied with our services and have rated us 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on Facebook and Google.


Imagine having a therapist with you at all times. The comfort you would feel knowing that youhave the treatment and advice you needto be pain free, strong, mobile and confident. Your scheduled appointments, personalised plan and unlimited contact with your practitioner in between appointments will make this possible.
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Sue was a medical emergency

Now look at what she can do

Sue came to me as a medical emergency and a few months later we had her picking 50kg off of the floor And this isn’t just Sue. There are literally thousands of patients that we’ve helped.

“How do you know what’s wrong?”


The most important information we take is taken during the case history. By asking specific questions, we can narrow down what is causing your pain from a great number of possibilities to 2 or 3 possibilities. We will ask questions which help us to decide as to whether or not your pain is likely as a result of inflammation, disease, serious conditions such as cancer, damage, chronic pain conditions, weakness, muscles, joints, ligaments etc.


After we have taken this case history, we can then apply special tests. During clinical appointments or video call, we will ask you to gently increase and decrease stresses placed on the areas that we think might be causing you pain. This will enable us to conclude as to where your pain is coming from.


And if we don’t know? We’ll be honest andhelpful. We’ll write a letter containing our findings to fast track your diagnosis and refer you for the correct investigations (MRI, X-Ray etc.)


The best part is that your diagnosis is FREE.


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Suzanne's pain disappeared after 2 appointments

One question I love to ask is “did you have any doubts before we started…” and Suzanne expresses herself perfectly.

Yes she had doubts how we were going to figure out what was going on. How we were going to fix her injury via video call etc. But within 20mins, even before the appointment was up, she was confident in the process as she saw it working for her It was an absolute pleasure working with Suzanne and I look forward to seeing how her training progresses

Why would treatment work this time?

You may have been to dozens of practitioners before seeing us. The frustration can be overwhelming. But you owe it to yourself not to give up. The upside of a life without pain is too great an experience to let previous misfortune put you off. 
At Revitalize you will find practitioners who are just as invested in your progression as you are. As every appointment starts you’ll be asked “on a scale of 1 to 10, how close are you to being pain free” or “…how close are you to running pain free…. lifting 100kg pain free”. 
Often you’ll find that patients finish their journey with us. They have been to many practitioners who haven’t been able to help, but it it’s with us they end their journey. This is because their success is engineered from start to finish.
Your goals are our goals
For example, you can’t stand on one leg comfortably, but you want to run. First we get you pressing with one leg. Then standing on one leg. Then hopping on one leg. Then running. Predictable, achievable goals made simple with our help for your longterm progression.

16 Years of Sciatica and Nerve Damage... Gone

Bulging discs can impinge on the nerves coming out of the spine.

For 16 years Ricky had fluctuating difficulty with even light tasks like hoovering and putting on his socks. Now however, he’s golfing, gymming, starting yoga and running his successful construction company pain free.

Want the Specifics?

We fix everything from jaw pain to ankle and wrist pain. Click to read our approaches to specific pains and injuries to the right.

If you can’t find your answer, ask us a question via the form at the bottom of the page

Is it affordable?

You can see our prices when you click the “book appointment” button, but our goals are your goals. If you want maximum improvement with fewer appointments, no problem. It means we spread out your appointments and support you more over the phone and via email as you progress via your video guided plan. 
Investing in your health provides the greatest of returns. And remember, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.
Our patients who never thought they could be pain free are now playing with their grandchildren, competing in national squads, going to the olympics or enjoying the amazing but simple qualities of life without pain. 
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But enough from us…

You must want to hear from our patients? No problem. We have over 175, 5 star reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and some of our patients have taken the time to film some amazing reviews
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