Isn’t it time you had a check up?

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You give your car an MOT so why not do the same for your mind, body and spirit? That’s why we have our free health consultations, after all! So you can be aware of what’s going wrong before it gets worse.


It’s scary though isn’t it? The fear of the unknown. “What if I do have a disc bulge… diabetes… high blood pressure… depression…” etc. But do you know what makes things less scary? Confronting them. 


I like the acronym FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real


Often fear is not to do with what is but what might be. And this is quite applicable to health because often ill health is a slow decline, so fear of what might be (eventually) is an accurate way to look at things.


But there is also the psychological phenomena of something being far less threatening when we take the time to understand them. What we understand, we can often order, take action and then control. 


So is there anything which you aren’t facing at the moment? Pain, poor health, diet, anxiety, depression or poor physical conditioning?


We have the team to help. Our pain clinic team, personal training team, mental health clinic and medical herbalist all provide free consultations. Book in to avoid disappointment via our website 

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