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Reverse heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol

Heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol is a silent killer. Most people die within 4 years of the diagnosis of heart disease. Tiredness, struggling to breathe and low motivation sap the quality of the remaining years.

But 80% of heart disease is preventable; high blood pressure and cholesterol is also preventable.

For example, did you know that diet and exercise can reduce likelihood of heart attacks by 98%?

With the right advice, we can add quality years onto our lives. More time with the family, perfecting that hobby, trying new things but ultimately doing what we enjoy.

How does it work?

Because 80% of heart disease is preventable, it is also reversible.

The average heart beats 100,000 times per day. Its job is made easier when it’s stronger and its vessels are clearer. Stronger hearts are far less likely to become fatigued and give up (ie heart attack) and clear vessels are less likely to release debris (ie stroke, heart attack, DVT).

Sounds simple, but heart health can feel like a minefield. Questions of what to eat, how hard to exercise etc instil fear and doubt in patients.

That’s where heart specialist, David Woodgate takes the reins and guides you to achieving the heart health you need to thrive.

What to expect

David finely examines your case history and findings; interpreting consultant reports, ECG findings and more. Your consultation will then begin with a series of questions to build an understanding of how your heart health is affecting your life. David can then perform simple tests to check how your heart if functioning in the real world. Reports are helpful but the most important question is how is your heart affecting you with your desired lifestyle.

After relaying the findings to you in an easy to understand format, we can get to work on your heart health.

Our Gravesend Clinic has private gym space and specialist equipment so you can progressively work to improve your heart health at a rate which is comfortable for you.

Jay's heart stopped

Jay came to the clinic after his heart stopped. He loved exercise and wanted to return but knew he needed to work with a professional he could trust.

David Woodgate is the Revitalize Clinic’s Cardiac and Neuro rehab specialist. He has completed intense training further to his masters degree in sports therapy and he is working wonders with our patients.

How does your Cardiac Rehabilitation look

Your personalised plan will guide you to optimal heart health, independence and your ideal lifestyle

1. Diet and nutriton

2. Coaching to return to healthy exercise

3. Improve confidence in activities you have been avoiding

4. Meditation and stress management

Every step of the way, David will be with you, making sure you get to where you want to be

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Will it work?

Medication reduces likelihood of heart attacks by 3-5% whereas diet alone reduces reoccurrence by over 97%. Heart attacks, stroke, angina, coronary blockages etc all have the same causes. The heart is pumping too hard against too much resistance.

David will implement foods that clear your arteries, movements which build your heart strength and advice which calms your stress into a personalised plan for you.

Speak to specialist, David Woodgate who will guide you towards the life you want to live. Beat the NHS queues, gain back your independence and joy with a process that works for you, not the average.

Book in today for your free consultation.

David looks forward to meeting you

Speak to specialist, David Woodgate who will guide you towards the life you want to live. Beat the NHS queues, gain back your independence and joy with a process that works for you, not the average.

Book in today for your free consultation.

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