Baby and children’s Osteopath- paediatric Osteopathy for you and your child’s needs

Happy babies mean happy mums and dads

Our osteopaths work to better your baby’s health so you can reclaim your peace, sleep and joy; working with you together and parent and child.

Giving your baby the best start

Increasing your baby’s comfort, giving them the best start in life with Osteopathy

Caring for mummy and baby

Happy babies mean happy parents. Your wellbeing is a focus point

Assessing progress

Your child will be assessed to ensure they are developing in a healthy manner.

Your child’s ill health can manifest in multiple ways, creating ripples throughout your family unit. Unanswered questions of “what is wrong… will it get better…”; sleep deprivation worsening the anxiety ultimately leads to isolation and stress throughout the family.

Our baby and children’s clinic provides passionate, expert and fully qualified clinicians with over 4 years of training to:

  • Ease symptoms of pain and distress with osteopathic massage and articulation
  • Provide treatment to the mother for stress relief and muscular tension
  • Offer advise to aid your baby’s development and long term health

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“Parents often need support and guidance through difficult times…

Babies are central to the a family unit. A happy baby provides joy to their entire support system. It provides me with immense satisfaction to support mothers through one of the most testing times of their life…”

Katie Avery, Osteopathy

Testimonial for tongue tie

Amari’s parents sought Katie’s help with her tongue tie. Within one treatment, Amari was sleeping and latching better.

Happy baby, happy parents

Conditions we treat

Below are a list of conditions that we commonly treat and advise on. Have any questions? Book a free call with Osteopath, Katie

Tongue Tie

Tongue-tie division (frenotomy) leaves scar tissue and a risk of reattachment. 

At the Revitalize baby and children’s clinic we treat to improve function and reduce muscular tension, compensation and potential re-attachment. 


reflux is caused when the diaphragm doesn’t close the oesophagus, causing acid to go up the throat. 

Our Osteopaths check for symptoms of intolerances and get to the root cause of reflux. Your baby will receive bespoke treatment and advise on development.

Developmental assessment

Physical signs mark your baby’s development. Can they latch, lift their head, crawl, turn, walk etc?

Your baby’s development will be assessed at every appointment. A lot of work can be done to aid your baby’s development. And if further investigations are needed, we’ll refer you for help straight away. 

Torticollis (twisted neck / crooked neck / wry neck)

Torticollis is caused by muscular tension twisting the neck. This leads to stiffness and pain. 

Our Osteopaths work in the Revitalize Baby and Children’s clinic to reduce pain and improve mobility with gentle hands on treatment. Specific advise is provided to show you how to treat your baby at home. 

Colic and unsettled babies

There can be many different causes for a baby being unsettled and upset. This is why research into causes and relief of Colic can be very difficult. Causes can range from joint, muscles and other systems. 

Your Osteopath will assess your baby as a unique presentation, to attempt to understand specifically why your baby may be distressed. 

After taking a thorough case history and examination, bespoke advise and treatment will be provided for your baby’s relief. 

This may include developmental assessments, cranial Osteopathy, dietary advice or advice for further investigations

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