Elliott is now a director at the Grand Community Centre

Some of you may have seen that I have been more active in other areas of the community since the death of George Floyd and the black lives matter movement. How couldn’t I? My ethnicity has risked my success and health numerous times throughout my life. This came in the form of subtle remarks, exclusion, physical assault and everything in between.


My stance is that if we allow discrimination in any sense to continue then we all lose. Talent which otherwise would shine, would stay dampened and depressed by the ignorance of others.


I am happy to announce that the Grand have asked me to come on as a director to help them empower the local youth. I am excited to help them to find strength in difficult times, rally behind their identity and to help put measures in motion to protect their futures from the biases of others. 


And as well as this, I am excited to help the Grand improve the health of our town. I’ll be taking my experience of health and fitness from Revitalize and using it to help to uplift the health of our local youth. 


If you would like to help or learn more about my work outside of Revitalize then please email me at elliottjohnreid@gmail.com 

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