Foods which reduce your inflammation!

Did you know that your food can inflame your body causing pain, damaging your joints, tendons, heart and arteries?


The good thing is that our food can also do the opposite, reducing the likelihood of joint disease, heart disease, stroke and dementia. I have created a checklist for you to help. Just implement as many of the foods as possible. 


The best way to implement these foods is with toppings or side dishes. For example, for breakfast you could sprinkle raspberries, blueberries and goji berries and pecans over your cereal. For lunch you could have a bed of spinach with beetroots, peppers, shallow fried cabbage and sweet potato.


Food is your medicine. Use it. And if you need any help, just shout!


I am currently putting together some lifestyle classes for you which I think you will love!

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