Don’t get a scan! Rehab instead!

One question we’re asked a lot is “do I need a scan”

Now this would make sense if you can see pain. But you can’t. It’s a sensation. Just like eye sight isn’t something you can see under a microscope. It’s something you experience. 

Because pain is a sensation, it can be influenced. For example, if I asked you what you were sitting on, you would become increasingly aware of your bum! 

With the same logic, if I showed you a scan of your lower back, and it showed that you had 3 herniated discs, which is completely normal, that image can be stuck in your subconscious mind, causing you even more pain. Not good. 

What we actually need to do is improve tolerance and health. We can do this via improving confidence, strength and optimism. All possible with treatment and rehab. Let us know if you need any help

Interested in becoming more mobile or pain free?

Award winning Revitalize Clinic, gets patients pain free in record time using proven methods of pain science

Book your FREE consultation or start treatment straight away, at the clinic, online or via home visit. Gravesend based Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Sports therapists will have you pain free faster. 

You will be Pain Free Faster with us

In your first appointment, a thorough diagnosis will tell you the cause of your pain. You’ll know step by step how we plan to get you pain free. Using treatment, self treatment and lifestyle advice that puts you in control.

We Have your Back

Imagine having professional help at the click of a button, wherever you go. Flare ups can happen between appointments. Your practitioner will be at the end of a phone, email or text throughout the process. It’s horrible having to wait for advice. We understand the panic. That’s why we’re available at all times

Video Guided Plans

You’re in control of your pain and your progression between every appointment. Your video guided mobilisation and strengthening plan will make sure that not only will your pain reduce during the appointment, but at home as well.

Find out more at  

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