Gravesend based, Revitalize Personal Trainer May features on the Wedding Thinners Podcast 

I don’t know if you know this but… May used to weigh 16 stone. She went from moving as little as possible and snacking on energy bars and redbull to eating lean foods and a healthy exercise regime. 

But how?

Mind, body and belief. Tom, one of our very successful clients who wants to also get to the bottom of the obesity epidemic we are now facing, interviews May to find out the deeper components of her journey. Listen via the link here

May now helps her clients do the same. Plan your lockdown come back! Book in for a free consultation so she can squeeze you in when we’re open again. 


Interested in Personal Training? Check out our process at


It all starts with a free consultation. If you let us know what your available times are, we’ll book you in at your convenience. During lockdown, we’re keeping personal training online and outdoors


Revitalize Gravesend based Personal Trainers know that the right approach is to tweak what you’re currently doing. Minimal change for maximum results because no-one sticks to what they hate. Delicious food bursting with flavour and nutrition, guided by our Gravesend Personal Trainers and professional Chefs. Exercise that is so fun it inspires you to do more. Weekly to monthly weigh-ins, high fives and celebrations as you drop another 2kg of body fat. 


Is that some abdominal definition you see? You were too busy having fun to realise. That’s how your transformation will be. All in our Gravesend Private Studio. Just you and your trainer. 


Want to hit something? No problem. Chuck something heavy around. Fine! Whatever you enjoy, let’s keep to that in our private gym. Your Revitalize Gravesend Personal Trainer will be sure you get your transformation with more fun than you thought possible.


Ready to chat about your dream physique? Book your free consultation today


Our process all starts with a free consultation to make sure we come up with a plan that suits your goals and commitment to the process 


However the prices per hour range from £32 – 37.50 per hour of training dependant how many you bulk book


For example:


10 x 60mins works out to be £35.50 per session


20 x 60 mins works out to be £32 per session


Pay as you go is £37.50 per session


Your training all takes place in our private studio so it will be just you and your PT or online if you prefer


We also have a resources page where you can access diet plans, recipes that are specific to your needs 


We track your progress via apps which you can access that show you the changes in your physique, body fat percentage, weight and measurements

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