Watch my live examination of potential severe ligament strain

Watch my live examination of potential severe ligament strain (ACL)


This is how we know what’s going on inside your body without an MRI or X-Ray


Seth came into the clinic with excruciating knee pain. You can see the nasty angle his knee ended up in when another player placed his full momentum through Seth’s knee. 


The mechanism of Seth’s injury is already very likely to harm the ACL but we can’t be sure without testing. 


The tests we use at the clinic are incredibly accurate; often more accurate than MRI or X-Ray because they’re contextualised in the patient’s pain and experience rather than a “blinded” scan. 


Within a few minutes, Seth had his diagnosis and we can get to work straight away. If he waited for a scan, it might take months, in which time his thigh muscles would have wasted and his fitness would suffer. 


Advice is, if you have hurt yourself and aren’t in need of emergency surgery, book to see a pain clinician first. If you need a scan, we’ll request it on your behalf. 


Seth should be back to playing again with 8 weeks. 


If he waited on a scan, it might be more like 20!


Book in with your health specialist. Go to to book in!



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