I talk mindset with Osteopath and Mindset Coach, Annie Osbourne. Listen here


Link to podcast https://anchor.fm/elliottreid/episodes/Mind-set-with-Osteopath-and-Mind-Set-Coach–Annie-Osbourne-e1gn9bq 

I talk about mindset with Osteopath and Mindset Coach, Annie Osbourne. Listen here

If you could be a better person, would you?

Better means different things to different people. Better physical health or mental health could be an example. Better skilled, a better husband or wife are other examples. 

Even more simpler; if you could become the best version of yourself, would you?

This is Annie’s speciality. 

Seamlessly, Annie compliments her osteopathic work with mindset coaching and vice versa. 

Holistically, she blends the psychological and the physical for her clients.

The result? Patients who are healthier in every sector of their life.


This podcast is a treat for you. Annie will teach you how to reach your full potential, eradicate negative beliefs or even transform them to work for you.


To find out more about her work, go to https://www.osteocure.co.uk/your-osteopath 


Need our help? Book in with your mental health specialist. Go to www.revitalizeclinic.co.uk/book-appointment to book in!

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