Why your pain may not disappear | Chronic pain specialist answers

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Why your pain may not disappear…

Has your parking sensor ever tripped when there’s nothing behind you? 


Pain can be the same. And pain is more of a parking sensor than a measure of damage. It triggers before damage occurs. But often pain can be anchored by our emotions, beliefs and experiences. 


Osteopath and Chronic Pain specialist, Pippa Cossens knows this too well. Pippa’s experience with fibromyalgia, emotional trauma, chronic pain and her own training as an Osteopath and SIRFA practitioner provides her an up close insight into living with pain. She uses her training and experience to help her patients become pain free.


And she wants to share with you her experience to let you know that if she can make a recovery of over 90% then you can too. 

Listen to our amazing podcast that we recorded just for you.

Pippa is available in East Sussex at the Osteopathy For All clinic https://osteopathyforall.co.uk/staff/pippa-cossens/


Instagram: @osteopathyforall 

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