Most people dont understand what osteopathy is

Most people don’t understand what Osteopathy actually is. You may have had treatment but left thinking “what actually happened?”. This is why we’re opening a free clinic to the public on Saturday 12th March. Email me if you’re interested on


Here’s the answer. Osteopathy stems from our principles. 


The most widely practiced principles are:


 “the body is capable of healing”; ie we use your body’s ability to increase strength, downtrain pain, battle inflammation etc rather than rely on external intervention like medication, surgery etc




“The body is a unit of mind, body and spirit” ie what happens in the mind, the body, the home etc can influence the body as a whole. 


This is why we’re interesting in guiding you towards better health holistically; making sure you’re moving, eating, sleeping and thinking well to improve your recovery


Check the video. I answer in more detail

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