Advanced hip exercises than strengthen and stretch

My patient loved these exercises. He’s a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast who just can’t stop! So he needs a few good exercises under his belt to strengthen his hips and knees. These exercises will make him more resilient, stronger and more flexible.


The wide stance good mornings really open up the hips, but the side planks and copenhagens really strengthen those tissues that would be most vulnerable to tearing (groin, deep hip etc)


He loved them and no doubt they’ll transform his BJJ game. If you would like to try them, take it easy! These are advanced movements. Try the good mornings with a broomstick and a narrower stance; try a side plank on your knees first; keep the other foot down when doing copenhagens. Or better yet, have a member of the Revitalize team check you over first. 

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