How to burn more calories by lifting weights

Most calories are burnt by just keeping us alive. For example, an individual might need 2000kcal to keep them alive and well. If they fall below this, the body will then use muscle, fat and glucose stores to replenish the deficit.

So we have a machine which is burning 2000kcal any, but if that machine is fired up a bit, it may burn 300kcal during a heavy weight training session. That’s the equivalent to just over 3 bananas or… just over one mars bar. 

So out-training your diet can be difficult. But, trying to burn more calories whilst weight training can also increase metabolic stress which improves fitness, muscle mass and the “afterburn” which is where we burn more calories after we have finished exercise. 

No harm done. So our brilliant Personal Trainer, Stephen, is going to show you how to do increase metabolic stress, burn more calories and teach you all of the benefits that go with it.

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