Stop sitting like that!

Stop sitting still. Your body wants you to move. Many of our patients seem like they’re searching for the holy grail of sitting positions. It doesn’t exist. Your body HATES being in one spot for too long. Being too still leads to anything from aches to bedsores. 

When we sit, gravity is compressing our bodily tissues. If this happens enough, they degenerate. Luckily our bodies warn us before this happens. We start to shift, feel irritable or achy and painful when tissues are compressed for too long. 

Try this. See what time you normally feel stiff and achy. Before that time comes, shift between these postures in the video that I have recorded for you. Ie if you feel stiff by 12pm, you have have changed position by 11:30am

Move, move, move. Your body will love you for it

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