Benefits of Being Stronger

Do you groan whilst getting up from a low sofa? Or perhaps you go red in the face after getting the shopping out of the car and into the cupboards. Or even feel sore and achy for no reason.

If so, you may be experiencing the disadvantages of being weak. So what are the benefits of being stronger?

In the elderly, a loss of muscular strength is a greater cause of concern than lack of cardiovascular strength. This is because:


  1. Greater muscular strength drives cardiovascular function
  2. A reduction in strength correlates to diabetes, long lays (where people can’t get up), falls and fracture

Not just this, but being stronger in ourselves also builds our self esteem. By doing “hard exercise” we are repeatedly informing ourselves that we can do hard things. This increases self belief and motivation.

But, lifting isn’t the only way to get strong. Our personal training clients get strong by doing a multitude of fun and enjoyable exercises. Listen to Stephen explain more and book a free consultation in with him to build your strength and enjoy all of the benefits that come with it.

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