Is your snacking out of control?

Are you snacking on more than one packaged treat a day? If yes, I would say you’re snacking too often.

Our metabolisms slow around 10% a year. This means, as a 30 year old man, weighing 89kg, I can get away with around 1 less mars bar a day than 10 years ago if I want to stay the same weight.

However many of us are snacking more than we were 10, 20 or 30 years ago because it is a lot easier to attain that caloric intake. So if we’re snacking twice a day at the age of 40, but we didn’t snack at all 20 years ago, we’re snacking on 4x the calories we were 20 years ago (2 snacks plus the other 2 snacks we can no longer get away with)

A simple assessment you can do for yourself is tally up your food into two categories. How much of your food looks like it could have come from your garden vs not? Ie fruits, vegetables, potato wedges, nuts, oats, nuts milks, rice etc look like they could come straight from your garden. Lean meats also look like they could potentially be farmed in your garden (many people around the world often have farm animals in their gardens)

But then we have crisps, chicken nuggets, chocolate etc which don’t look like they come from your garden. 

I would say if you’re eating on a ratio of anything less than 4:1 (garden : non-garden) you need to amend that strategy. 

Processed food increases our body weight, inflames our bodies and stiffens our arteries. 

I discuss this further in a video I have recorded. Give it a watch and let me know what you think

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