Maya has a boxing circuit for you!

I boxed for 8 years and know its benefits are huge. Boxing burns more calories than most other forms of exercise whilst being fun, a form of self defense and a great way to use your muscles to their maximum capability.

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Our PTs are still taking online consultations and are getting busy with their online clients. Book a free consultation by going to 

Train with someone who knows how. Throw aside the anxiety of not knowing what you should be eating and how you should be exercising. A generic plan or website provides a generic solution. And that solution is often a complete upheaval of your lifestyle. It’s not a long term plan.

 Revitalize Personal Trainers know that the right approach is to tweak what you’re currently doing. Minimal change for maximum results because no-one sticks to what they hate. Delicious food bursting with flavour and nutrition, guided by our Personal Trainers and professional Chefs. Exercise that is so fun it inspires you to do more. Weekly to monthly weigh ins, high fives and celebrations as you drop another 2kg of body fat. 

Is that some abdominal definition you see? You were too busy having fun to realise. That’s how your transformation will be. All in our Private Studio. Just you and your trainer. 

Want to hit something? No problem. Chuck something heavy around. Fine! Whatever you enjoy, let’s keep to that in our private gym. Your Revitalize Personal Trainer will be sure you get your transformation with more fun than you thought possible.

Ready to chat about your dream physique? Book your free consultation today!

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