How Pain Works | Gravesend Osteopath explains

Pain, believe it or not, has a closer correlation to your mood than it does your injury. Depression is one of the strongest predictors of pain closely followed by diet, exercise regime and sleep. 

This is because pain is a warning system. And the more threats in our lives, the more our sense of pain can heighten. Picture this; your in pain, so you can’t exercise, you sleep less, so you eat high sugar food, you can’t do what you love so you become depressed…. One injury has now potentially destined you a long period of chronic pain. So what do we do?

I have filmed a video to show you our approach to patients in pain. Give it a watch and let me know what you think.

Firstly we need to accumulate small wins over pain. The easier the better. It may be that with hands on treatment and gentle exercises we can reduce pain and improve sleep. Then integration into a small amount of exercise which improves mood, sense of achievement and strengthens the painful area. Then by following this method, we can create huge improvements for the patient in very little time with the accumulation of small wins

We follow this method with many of our patients but one great example is Mrs T who came in with severe knee arthritis. She couldn’t move as much as she would have liked which was affecting her diabetes and caused her to gain weight. By treating and strengthening her knee, she was able to get back to full strength, lose weight and control her diabetes. 

If you come to see us, we can do the same for you. Book your free consultation at

Award winning Revitalize Clinic, gets patients pain free in record time using proven methods of pain science.

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You will be Pain Free Faster with us

In your first appointment, a thorough diagnosis will tell you the cause of your pain. You’ll know step by step how we plan to get you pain free. Using treatment, self treatment and lifestyle advice that puts you in control.

We Have your Back

Imagine having professional help at the click of a button, wherever you go. Flare ups can happen between appointments. Your practitioner will be at the end of a phone, email or text throughout the process. It’s horrible having to wait for advice. We understand the panic. That’s why we’re available at all times.

Video Guided Plans

You’re in control of your pain and your progression between every appointment. Your video guided mobilisation and strengthening plan will make sure that not only will your pain reduce during the appointment, but at home as well.

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