How to be comfortable with death | Health and Fitness Clinic owner explains how

What does death mean to you? Is it the end of a journey, the beginning of another? I would be interested to hear your perspective so please let me know.

I had a fairly early and close encounter with death when I was 16 years old.  A great friend of mine passed. It drastically changed the way I viewed life thereafter. And I suppose this can be a good thing. It greatly increased the value which I attribute to time and makes me question to this day, if I could be spending that time doing something better?

I had the opportunity to speak with James from the Art of Dying. Their award-winning podcast helps people to approach their death with control and dignity. Give it a listen. I would be interested in your thoughts. Check out the links below to see more by “The Art of Dying Podcast”





It’s time to talk. You’re going through potentially, one of the most challenging experiences that you have ever encountered. And it makes it worse that no-one can tell, or even begin to understand.

When experiencing bouts of depression, anxiety, bereavement; or maybe your personality disorder or bipolar has taken a turn for the worse; it can seem that there is no way out. You’ve tried everything, right?

Well, sometimes you need a hand to guide you out of the darkness. Our Gravesend based counsellors and psychologists would love to hear about your struggles. It will at least give you a chance to express how you feel to open ears, with no judgement.

Message us or give us a call and we’ll book you in for a free over the phone consultation to begin with. It will help us to get to know each other before you embark on your journey to recovery.

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