How to loosen your shoulders | Gravesend Osteopath explains how

Most individuals who we see with shoulder pain are desk bound individuals. Why? Because they don’t use them. And what you don’t use, you lose. A lack of movement makes the shoulder vulnerable and considering that for the vast majority of the day, many of us don’t move our hands above the height of our shoulders, it is no wonder so many of us suffer. 

But don’t worry, try this exercise to interrupt your day. It is gentle, warms the shoulders and generally feels pretty good. 

Let me know how you get on and if you need any help, you know what to do. Book in for your free consultation

Shoulder injuries are one of our osteopaths and physiotherapists favourite injuries to treat at our at Gravesend Clinic and online. Probably because we’re great at it! This is because we don’t only treat your pain, we empower you to treat your own pain as well. Many other practitioners will have you coming back more than you need to, because they don’t give you the right advice and self management between sessions.

Basically, if you’re not doing effective exercises between your sessions, you’re with the wrong practitioner. At Revitalize Clinic, Gravesend, it’s a must. One 45min appointment a week is never going to be as effective as a 45min appointment plus daily treatment and highly effective therapeutic exercise that you can self administrate every day.Often our patients are a bit shy to appear on camera. But luckily for you, just as we went online, we had an influx of patients with shoulder injuries. All of them were so happy with their progress they they offered to provide some video reviews. Daniel, for example, had pain for over 8 years before coming to see us. Check out some of the review below

See our approach to shoulder pain here

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