How to Standing Press | Gravesend Personal Trainer shows how

Poor posture, rotator cuff injuries, poor shoulder mobility, osteoporosis and more can all be helped with a good press! 
The press involves pushing a weighted barbell above your head. But it can also be done with dumbells 

Want to know more? Then watch Jas beautifully explain how to press. Or, even better, book a free consultation with our team of personal trainers. They would love to explain how they can help you. 

Our Personal trainers in our private Gravesend based private fitness studio help people achieve a vast array of different goals. Poor mental health, over weight, weak, recovering from surgery… you name it. These are just some of the issues our personal trainers have helped their clients to overcome. 

The press exercise features in most of our personal trainers clients’ training programmes. This is because we mostly spend our time with our hands below shoulder height. This causes the shoulders to stiffen which can predispose injuries, aches and pains. 

The issue is that post people, when they press, do it awfully. They aren’t aligned, their feet are wrong, their hands are too wide apart etc
Good news for you! Jas has a step by step video on how to press. Give it a go. Start with an empty bar or even a broom stick and let us know how you get on! 

Your Transformation is One Personal Trainer Away

Award winning Revitalize Clinic, coaches clients to lose weight with maximum ease and guaranteed fun. All in the Revitalize Clinic, Gravesend private Personal Training studio. Or online

We see you! Slipping into that dress. Buttoning up that crisp suit. Your friends jaws dropping after not seeing you for a short while. Booking that holiday! The thrill of buying new swimwear. You know you’ll look great. 

We see that version of you. But do you? It’s hard when you don’t. And we get that. The struggling cycle of embarrassment and fear of judgement. The disbelief and self-doubt. We know because our trainers have been there. Losing 8 stone in body fat, recovering from multiple disc herniations and mental hurt provides its lessons. Our personal trainers know this from experience.

We believe in the most effective personal training that isn’t just science-based, but that puts a smile on your face with every session.
Fit into that dress again. Feel better than you ever have before. We are all capable of achieving our health and fitness goals; it just takes Revitalize Personal Training, Gravesend to show you how.

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Our clients have achieved fantastic progress and it has been a complete joy to work with them on their journey. Our expert Personal Trainers and Nutritionist will compile and deliver the perfect plan for you to achieve your goals.

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Tone up, lose weight and develop those muscles

Summoning up the motivation to achieve your goals can be the hardest thing in the world. A lack of time, energy and knowledge can stop people making that first step. We know because 90% of our clients used to say so. Let us take care of that. We’ll motivate you to get your eating on track, increase your energy in the gym and get addicted to your progress.
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