How to increase energy whilst dieting

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Dele is asking how to increase energy whilst dieting. He’s currently using Huel to supplement which is a whole food high protein, nutritious blend

When dieting it is important to realise that a calorie deficit is a stressor. Your body doesn’t want to be there. So symptoms of tiredness and fatigue are very common. 

The solution is make sure your body is in the best position possible to maintain what is called homeostasis i.e. your body’s optimal working environment. Many things go into this, but we’ll cover a few

Whole Foods

Yes Huel has a great blend of micronutrients and macronutrients but it is still a dried, processed food which will naturally lack the many benefits of whole plant foods such as hydration, anti-oxidants, varied micronutrient profile etc. 

So I would advise that you refrain from only consuming 2 fuel shakes a day and a main meal. Instead, snack on as much fresh fruit and veg as you like between meals. 

There is no holdfast rule here but I would recommend getting as many different colours of fruit and veg as you can to maintain a varied nutritional intake. To be very thorough you can consume more dark red and greens such as beetroot and kale to improve blood health (iron), improve tissue repair and chemical stress


Make sure your sleep is very regimented. Go to bed and wake up at the same time. Give yourself as much of an opportunity to sleep as possible. This means that even if you don’t sleep for 8 hours, you’re in bed without technology in a darkened room with a cool temperature. 

Read, listen to music but don’t look at your phone

Taking Kalms or ZMA 30 mins before sleep can also help


Train, consistently at least 30mins a day. But make sure your exercise intensity doesn’t go above an 8/10. This will reduce chronic stress and likelihood of injuries. It will also make sure your motivation stays high. 
But also, sure it doesn’t drop below a 6/10

Let me know how you get on and remember if you want to ask a question with a personalised video response, just DM me your question #ASKELL

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