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“I bet you can’t help me” he said 

I had a patient yesterday… He challenged me. He had been in pain for 8 years 

He practically put a bet on that I couldn’t get him better. But why would he wager against an outcome that would change his life? He had been in pain for 8 years! 

I had to be honest with him 

“this isn’t my challenge. This is your challenge. If I don’t get you better, I’ll get another 10 people better today. But you have one body not 10. You need to see this as your challenge to overcome” 

It’s important to put the patient / client in as much power as they can manage. In chronic pain this is essential. 
We all add emotional weight to our beliefs. For some people the belief that they’re eternally doomed is so deep rooted they will do a lot to protect that depiction of their reality.

The roll of the therapist, trainer, psychologist is to become the guide they need to walk them through the process of changing belief systems, attitudes, habits, raise self esteem, locus of control etc 

And we’ll gladly be that guide 😁 To empower you, take you to new heights, live a life you never though possible 

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