How to reduce anterior pelvic tilt

How to fix an anterior pelvic tilt | #ASKELL by @jamiejohncock7

Tired of walking like a duck with your belly looking bloated? 😁 No problem, here is your solution. But take it very easy! These exercises are very hard

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Firstly I must correct the notion that anterior pelvic tilt is linked to pathology. It’s not In fact, I would argue that “anterior pelvic tilt” is a fairly eurocentric term. Myself and many other people of African descent commonly have long, pronounced lordosis (back arches) and guess what else? Flat feet! 

So to point out an anterior arch or flat feet etc as being abnormal when billions of people around the world are perfectly healthy with pelvic tilts, flat feet etc. is a little flawed, evidently so

But you may still want to reduce your spinal curves for sports performance, form or aesthetics. If so, these will help  Reverse nordics lengthen your hip flexors where as leg raises teach you to flatten your back whilst extending the hips and loading the abdominal muscles 

Give them a go and let me know what you think  If you have an #ASKELL, just message or comment below 

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