How to make the perfect vegan smoothie

Breakfast Smoothie that fights disease and strips fat Is that you skipping to work? Feeling light on your feet.

Taste buds dancing with fresh flavours. Your waist line slimming and your guts are singing! No? Then it will be after this smoothie

Breakfast is a chore. You just want to start your day. I understand. But those who eat breakfast are less likely to eat high calorie food throughout the day.

Add a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre and you’re also more likely to live longer and suffer from less “Western diseases” such as cancer, diabetes, stroke etc.

Sound like a good deal? Great Really simple rule of thumb

a) water
b) nut milk

Nuts and seeds
Battle cholesterol, clear skin, fight cell damage, benefit nerve health and mental health
a) chia seeds
b) lindseed
c) pumpkin seeds

Protein (preferably plant based)
I prefer soy. It’s not grainy, has a high absorption rate and has a negative correlation with cancer

Fruit (try frozen)
Repairs tissue, energises, reduces risk of colon cancer, diabetes, optimises organ health

Whatever your favourites are but mine are below:
a) frozen summer fruits (raspberries, blueberries)
b) cherries
c) mango
d) blueberries
e) pineapple Greens (try frozen)

Another great source of vitamins and minerals that optimise blood health. I guarantee you will not taste it
a) kale
b) spinach
c) broccoli (try cooked then frozen)

And that’s it! A delicious Revitalizing breakfast!

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