Covid-19 – Minimising risk in your Physiotherapy / Osteopathy Clinic

We’ve been very busy since returning to treat patients in pain. Thank you so much to all of you who install trust in our services to get you pain free, fit, healthy and mentally well. 
But just for your information, I thought you would be interested to see what we’re doing behind the scenes to ensure you’re as safe as possible when coming into the clinic. 

  1. we’ll be asking you to arrive right on time, not 10 minutes before, to prevent any unnecessary time spent in the clinic
  2. every staff member will be wearing a surgical mask to prevent oral transmission. You’ll be asked to do the same before you enter the clinic 
  3. you will also see practitioners wear plastic aprons to prevent any transmission on their clothing
  4. the bed and pillows and any surfaces the client may have contact with are cleaned before every appointment to eradicate any traces of germs and viruses
  5. you will see us wash our hands before and after every appointment
  6. the rooms are aerated for 15 minutes before every appointment
  7. common surfaces are also cleaned

And that’s how Team Revitalize are keeping you safe 😄
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