Shoulder Pain with Sanam

You may have seen during my previous consultation with Terry Hollands, his symptom picture was due to a combination of shoulder “stiffness” and rotator cuff pain
Sanam’s symptoms picture is majoritively down to the posterior cuff (the infraspinatus and teres minor muscles) and their attachment into the shoulder capsule.
Now, I don’t think range of motion is an issue because her range of motion isn’t exhausted (at end range) at the time she experiences pain. But if we strengthen these rotator cuff muscles, she should find that motions such as the press up, the press etc become far less painful.
We started with some rotator cuff release before strengthening the cuff directly and then a little extra at the end to improve stability for the press (over head lunges) and to encourage sacromerogensis (muscle lengthening via hypertrophy)
Let me know what you think!
Rehab plan below
Self Management / Novel Movements
Pain Relief (desensitisation, pain education, home tools/ management)
1. self massage R posterior cuff 3 x 60 seconds
Phase One
Rehabilitation (Basic Load i.e. load or isometric exercises; Strategise graded improvements to function)
1. SL bastards, weighted 3 x 10
2. over head lunge 3 x 10
3. posterior cuff work 3 x 10
Phase Two
Rehabilitation (Concentric / Eccentric load or isometric exercises; Strategise graded improvements to function)
1. single arm press
2. press ups, cued
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