Shoulder Mobility with World Strongest Man Finalist Terry Hollands | Video Consultation

“Mate that was f***ing awesome” was the highlight for me. How do you guys struggle with mobility?

I thoroughly enjoyed this video consultation with Terry Hollands and I hope there is something in this for you too. You may find that your tight shoulders are also remedied by these exercises

Feel free to skip to the mobility regime at 16:49 but you’ll see up bit by bit devise a suitable plan for Terry. COVID-19 has meant that we can’t see patients face to face but video consultations have been amazingly effective

Terry has a grade 3 right biceps tear which may have led to the stiffening of his rotator cuff to compensate. Here we work with what is called “sacromerogensis” which is the body’s compensatory mechanism to lengthen muscle tissue.

We apply this to his shoulder capsule and his rotator cuff to improve shoulder flexion and external rotation. Give it a go

Self Management or Novel Movements
Pain Relief (desensitisation, pain education, home tools and management)
1. lats
2. teres muscles
3. supine shoulder flexion and external rotation

Phase One
Rehabilitation (Basic Load i.e. load or isometric exercises; Strategise graded improvements to function)
1. prone bicep curls
2. timed hangs – pull ups
3. strengthen posterior cuff
4. 90* shoulder external rotation

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