Coronavirus Precautions at Revitalize

Hey guys! Just to let you know that you may see us cleaning a lot at the clinic! Please don’t take offence, we’re not saying you’re infected 😁

The virus is more of a logistical concern than a health concern. We’re all very likely to catch the virus eventually but we want to reduce strain on the NHS as much as possible. I have seen a lot of concern due to the virus statistically have far greater detrimental effects when infecting the elderly and immunocompromised. This is true and we should protect them at all cost. But remember the statistics you see are based on China’s population; many of whom have been involved in heavy industrial work, many of whom are more likely to smoke and who may live far further from emergency services. Take precaution but please don’t panic.

By slowing the spread we can off load the NHS so they can handle the soon to come peak of infections at a more manageable level.

And remember to call 111 before going to your Dr’s. Save the appointments for those who really need it and avoid going into areas of high human traffic if you’re symptomatic.

If you can shrug off a flu, you’ll likely be able to shrug this off. Save the Dr and hospital appointments for those who need them

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