Client of the Month | Tom Knight

  • Over 2 stone weight loss
  • Complete psychological overhaul (and still continuing to make stupendous changes to mindset)
A lot of the time, when you’re working on yourself, you change yourself to the extent that you can’t empathise with the person you used to be. This is where I come in. A year or so ago, Tom was expressing to me his frustration at giving into temptation. He was frustrated because he wasn’t hungry but he had picked up a sandwich and a packet of crisps when he felt he shouldn’t have.
Recently we had the same conversation and he was expressing frustration because after feeling peckish, he had made himself an egg salad…. a salad 😄
I had to remind him of the conversation we had a year ago for him to realise how far he had come.
Dieting is easier for some people than others and the brain is the deciding factor. Tom hasn’t just transformed his body, he has transformed his mind. The transformation of the mind comes before the body.
It has been an absolute pleasure in working with Tom and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. A lot of people need that extra bit of help to guide the psychological transformation that comes with committing to a healthy lifestyle. Need help? Then talk to us! Book a free consultation
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