Plank Variations for Stability and Strength

A lot of people think of the core as the 6 bulky segments of muscle we call “abs”. However the core is more of a job that is shared by a matrix of muscles around our torso. They don’t act in isolation and to load them, we want to involve a range of different directions of load
Here, I show the plank, the thread the needle and the side plank which are all great ways to load not just different muscles, but different movements. The more tolerant the body is to varied loads in varied directions, the more tolerant the spine is to trauma. This leads to less pain
  1. The Plank
    Ensure your rib cage is drawn down. Imagine someone is about to jump on your back
  1. Thread the Needle
    Imagine you’re reaching for something under your arm pit. This is a great way to improve tolerance to rotational forces
  1. Side Plank
    Ensure your hips are up to create a straight line from your heel to your neck
Give these a go to spice up your core routine and let me know how you get on!
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