I asked May what are the “Top 3 Exercises for Arms”

What do you think? Apparently “Curls for the Girls” is an inaccurate statement. According to May, it’s Biceps for the Boys. Us guys have been wasting out time since the 1990s. Girls don’t care much for arms?
Anyway, whether you’re trying to go sleeveless in a new dress or impress the others guys at the gym, here are May’s top 3 exercises for arms
  1. The Press
    Huge activation in the triceps, deltoids (back of arms and shoulders) and the stabilising muscles of the core
  1. The Row
    Also my favourite back exercise. It also hits the biceps (front of arm) too.
  1. The Curl
    Not only does this exercise blast the biceps again (front of the arm) but it also hits the stabilising muscles of he upper back
Give these a go and let me know how you’re getting on!
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